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How To: ASMR Acrylic Pouring Painting

So, you want to paint a Bob Ross masterpiece, but you only have a minute and a half to do it. ASM-ART has a solution for you. A c r y l i c P o u r i n g .

We can help you create some beautiful artwork in under two minutes. To view some of our two-minute masterpieces check out our Instagram or YouTube channel for some arty ASMR video’s.

ASM-ART is for everyone, let’s dive in.

What you will need:

1. Paint. Lots of Paint. Acrylic paint is a blend of water-based paint that has a fancier finish than your regular poster paint, but it will wash off your skin fairly easily. As for clothing and carpets, not so much. Old clothes or overalls are a less risky option for the fashion forward among us.

TIP: When buying in your paints, tubes of paint are much easier to handle and make for easy application of pops of colour. Also, make sure you have a lot of white paint, or the colour you wish to keep as the undercoat of your design. When you think you have enough… buy one more tube.

2. Canvases. These are easy to come by in most craft or home-wares stores; such as The Works, Hobby Craft etc. Smaller canvases are probably best to start off with, A4 paper sized should be perfect, these usually come in packs which brings the costs down as well. Experiment with canvas shapes and styles, the canvas is your view and the view can change the vibe of your entire painting. Find your vibe.

TIP: If your creation doesn’t make you happy to look at you can move the paint around your canvas with a pallet knife (alternatively, any other spatula-esque instrument), or wipe it off completely. Add some watered-down white paint to your canvas and spread an even layer across the surface, hey presto! A blank canvas to make something brand new.

3. Disposable Cups. These are the vessels of your creativity. Add each of your chosen colours into their own little cups and mix with a tiny amount of water to loosen up the paint. Have one cup as your main cup, the master cup if you will, (This is the cup which will be poured on the canvas) and add each colour one at a time to create the marbling effect.

TIP: You can reuse the main cup if you are doing multiple pours in one session as the base consists of mainly your preferred background colour. It might also give you some unexpected colour combinations in your next pour.

4. Olive Oil. This is what will give you all those pretty swirls, some in the YouTube world will call them ‘cells’ when you see ‘massive cells!’ in an acrylic pouring video description, you know it’s going to be good. Mix tiny drops of olive oil with your paints individually to mess with the balance between oil and water, this means, when you add your paints to the main cup the oil and paint will create new and wonderful patterns every time.

TIP: You can also use silicone oil to get the same effect, though I found this quite difficult to come by. Olive oil can be found in most household cupboards, we told you ASM-ART was for everyone!

See the results of some ASM-ART here...

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